Collagen Powder for Supple Skin, Strong Nails and Thicker Hair

What is collagen? Why is collagen so important? ­­And how can you incorporate collagen into your diet?

Collagen is known as the most abundant protein in our bodies. There are at least 20 collagen types, but most collagen in the body consists of collagen types that fall into three categories.[*][*]

  • Type 1: Strong, dense fibers that give structure to skin, bones, connective tissues, and tendons (also found in marine and cow collagen)
  • Type 2: Loosely packed fibers that help build elastic cartilage and other tissues that cushion joints (also found in chicken collagen)
  • Type 3: Helps support muscles, organs, and arteries and is usually found with Type 1 (also found in cow collagen)

The body’s collagen production levels naturally slow down as we age. Think wrinkles, sagging skin and joint pain due to weaker cartilage. Your diet and lifestyle also play a part in depleting collagen levels. High sugar intake, excessive sun exposure and smoking are all factors that contribute to low collagen levels.

What are the Health Benefits of Collagen?

Collagen has many health benefits, ranging from your skin and gut to your bones and joints. Think Skin Health, Bone Strength, Joint Health, Muscle Mass and Heart Health. 

How do I increase my collagen levels?

There are several ways to help increase your collagen levels and increase the youth-boosting benefits of this protein. Making sure your diet is well-balanced with a rich array of nutrients is one of the best ways. Consider Vitamin C rich foods like lemon and lime. And proline-rich foods such as dairy, egg whites, cabbage, mushrooms and asparagus. Glycine, found in gelatin, chicken skin and pork skin. Sulfur, found in kale and other leafy greens such as eggs or grass-fed beef. And consider drinking plenty of nutrient-dense bone broth or supplementing with a collagen peptide powder.

If you are looking to get the many collagen supplement benefits while increasing your collagen intake through foods and supplementation, consider our #BeBeautiful collagen supplement. Our collagen powder with Verisol® can help with supple skin, stronger nails and thicker hair! 

#BeBeautiful features Verisol®, a patented advanced collagen peptide with scientifically demonstrated superior bioavailability and effectiveness.

Results from research conducted in multiple placebo-controlled clinical studies show the dramatic benefits that participants enjoyed, including:

32% reduction in crow’s feet in just four weeks

65% increase in natural collagen production

Up to 30% improvement in skin elasticity

100% increase in pro-collagen accumulation

42% decrease in nail chipping and cracking

This formula is also enhanced with biotin to promote thicker, healthier hair and vitamin C to help your body stimulate your natural production of collagen for skin benefits.

It also includes white tea and bamboo, which along with Vitamin C, provide potent antioxidant protection for your skin health.  

For a complete and potent collagen powder for beautiful and healthy skin, thicker hair and strong nails, order #BeBeautiful today!