Immune System Booster with Elderberry and Vitamin C

New Year, New You. Your health is at the forefront of new year’s resolutions. More than ever, protecting and strengthen your immune system is one of the most essential self-care rituals you can follow. And feeding your body healthy foods is one piece of the puzzle to help keep your immune system healthy. 

To "sick-proof" your diet, eat lots of fruits and vegetables. They're high in crucial immune system booster vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that can help you combat dangerous bacteria and viruses. Through healthy habits and proper nutrition, you can maintain control over how optimally your immune system performs. 

Eating foods high in vitamins C and D, zinc and plant antioxidants, as well as getting restful sleep and regular physical activity, are foundational habits to prioritize. Remember, when your immune system is working correctly, you don’t even notice it. 

But what about "immune system support" supplements—specific supplements touted as having a fortifying effect on the immune system…

Consider our Potent Immune System Support Supplement and Fortify Your Immune System Every Day.

#BeHealthy daily immune system boost features Nordic Elderberry, a powerful plant extract that has been scientifically shown to promote a healthy immune response while supporting upper respiratory health.

This potent formula is enhanced with super-antioxidant vitamin C to protect against free radical damage and promote an increase in health-boosting white blood cells.

It also includes a potent dose of two essential minerals: selenium, which fights oxidative stress, promotes a normal inflammatory response and boosts immune health, and zinc, which is scientifically shown to stimulate an immune cell response.

For a comprehensive approach to daily immune system wellness, order #BeHealthy today!