Introduction to SpiceFruit

On a trip to West Africa, Naomi discovered that the Cameroonian people have one quarter the rate of obesity as Americans, despite a diet filled with carbohydrates and little daily exercise. 

Even more astounding, scientists have shown that the people of Cameroon are metabolically slim, meaning they have healthy blood sugar, triglyceride levels, and blood pressure. 

Upon learning about Dr. Oben’s remarkable findings on a Cameroonian staple, the SpiceFruit™, she co-created with scientists and growers The ONE, so that Americans can become metabolically healthy and strong. The ONE, Nutrition Just for You, is a simple step toward a nourished body and a happy life. 


Our patented and scientifically proven dichostachys glomerata fruit, known as the exclusive SpiceFruit™ in Cameroon, West Africa, is the key to health found in The ONE, Nutrition Just For You.

An African favorite for both culinary and health uses, SpiceFruit™ is a powerhouse for a healthy metabolism and the five key markers of wellness. SpiceFruit™ naturally helps you get healthy, improve blood sugar, improve cholesterol, shed pounds and inches and improve metabolic functions.