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Wellness Explorer, Naomi Whittel 

Born on an organic biodynamic farm in Switzerland, wellness expert, mother of four and CEO Naomi Whittel grew up attuned to the power of plant-sourced nutrition. Through her own health challenges with debilitating eczema and heavy metal toxicity, Naomi learned to be her own health advocate. 

In her 20+ years in the health and wellness industry, the NYT best-selling health and wellness author has made it her mission to discover and guide others on the Earth’s most powerful nutrients. Naomi searches for the best ingredients on the planet and sharing them with you, so that you can not just survive, but thrive.

she believes that nature holds the key to our everyday wellness.

When Naomi discovered Dr. Oben's research conducted in Cameroon, West Africa, showing SpiceFruit's ability to improve one's metabolism for a healthier you...she knew that millions of Americans needed this plant.

She developed The One, Nutrition Just for You, to give people access to better nutrition. Because health should be a right, not a privilege.

Dr. Julius Enyong Oben

Dr. Julius Oben is a Professor of Nutritional Biochemistry and the Dean of the Doctoral School of Science, Technology and Geosciences at the University of Yaoundé. After earning his doctorate in England, he became passionate about harnessing the power of plant-based nutrition to prevent and treat pervasive diseases like diabetes, coronary heart disease, and obesity. Born and raised in Cameroon, Dr. Oben was no stranger to SpiceFruit: an important part of his national culture. 

Intrigued by his country’s lower rate of individuals being overweight, he conducted clinical studies on a tree fruit known in West Africa as SpiceFruit.

His findings were undeniable: SpiceFruit has the potential to help millions of people struggling to maintain their weight. Dr. Oben was eager to join The ONE family to give the world access to this powerful superfruit.

Our Farmers

Janvier is a third generation farmer and believer in SpiceFruit for both its taste and benefits. His grandmother, mother and wife all use SpiceFruit daily to season their food and stay healthy. Janvier’s farm helps him work toward his dream of paying for his six children’s education as well as supporting the education of Cameroonian children displaced by war. 

Dr. Anita Anantharam

With over twenty years of experience guiding college women, Dr. Anita Anantharam is deeply concerned with the disconnect between wellness, social justice activism, and leadership. An integral part of The ONE team, Anita approaches success in a holistic framework, encouraging women to care for their health as they pursue their dreams.

Our Manufacturers

Suneetha Gogineni leads the third generation of manufacturers in her family at their laboratories and facilities. She and her family are committed to integrity and excellence in every aspect of producing The ONE nutritional supplements. With a fully equipped laboratory, top tier standards for raw materials, and decades of experience, Suneetha and her team deliver nutrition we can count on.

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