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Shield of Protection

Access to good health should be a right for all. When quality and price matter, The One, Nutrition Just for You is a brand you can trust to provide the highest quality nutrients for you and your family.

Hands of Guidance

I want to share my wellness discoveries to help you live your healthiest life. Through nutrition guidance, you can improve your everyday health so that you don’t just survive, but thrive.

Plant to You

From grower to co-packer and soil to supplement, we deliver supply chain integrity. UF Blockchain IP ingredient selection and testing ensures safety, authenticity, and accountability.

A Family on a Mission

The Wellness Explorer

Health expert and NYT Bestseller Naomi Whittel is on an unstoppable quest to bring the most transformative nutrition on the planet to every person. From her own health struggles and victories, Naomi’s a passionate advocate for achieving everyday wellness through nature’s resources. She’s studied plant-based nutrition in the most remote parts of the world. 

Next Stop: Cameroon

Her latest voyage brought her to Cameroon, the home of researcher Dr. Julius Oben. When Dr. Oben learned that Cameroon’s rate of obesity and diabetes is less than 25% of that in America, he chose to study a humble plant found in every Cameroonian kitchen and market: SpiceFruit. Dr. Oben’s groundbreaking research showed that SpiceFruit drastically aids in weight loss and blood sugar regulation.

A Family Affair

When Naomi saw how safe and effective SpiceFruit is, she realized that every American needs to incorporate this powerful plant into their diet. Naomi called friend and social equality advocate Whoopi Goldberg, who was thrilled to help bring this industry disrupter to American communities.

This is more than a plant. This is a revolution.

This is just the beginning.

With the help of Dr. Oben, teams of researchers, Whoopi, the farmers, and the manufacturers, Naomi launched The One: a comprehensive line of pure and powerful nutritional supplements. 

We created The One to give you one easy, daily step toward your wellness.

A healthy body lays the foundation for a healthy life. What will you accomplish as your healthiest self?

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We’re here to help. Use our Wellness Builder to create a custom nutrition pack designed for your lifestyle and wellness goals.

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